Links to articles on Deir el-Medina and past updates

June 2021:
MUSEO E RICERCA | The Museo Egizio’s current research at Deir El-Medina – Cédric Gobeil:
May 2021:
New entry at the "Egypt Centre Collection" blog of Dr Ken Griffin: "The Village of Deir el-Medina [- guest post by Sandra Ottens]" (April 26)
April 2021:

- Alessandro Rolle entitled "Il villaggio operaio di Deir el-Medina" published at Mediterraneo Antico on March 23rd 2021 is available in English translation below

The workers' village of Deir el-Medina : The organization of work: the scribes of the tomb

The original text can be read at

March 2021:
Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society held an online Zoom lecture on the 6th of March 2021 entitled “Revealing the Practice of Tattooing in Ancient Egypt” with the speaker Dr Anne Austin
October 2020:
- Deir el-Medina: The Village and Rediscovery - Egypt Centre Swansea
- Musing on Deir el-Medina - Egypt Centre Swansea
- Religion at Deir el-Medina - Egypt Centre Swansea
- The Necropolis of Deir el-Medina - Egypt Centre Swansea
September 2020:
- Christian Greco's lecture at the Queens of Egypt exhibition opening
May 2020:
- Il Papiro di Kha - Museo Egizio di Torino - Le Passeggiate del Direttore
- La tomba di Kha e Merit pt. 1 - Museo Egizio di Torino
- Il corredo di Kha e Merit - Museo Egizio di Torino
Culti locali a Deir el-Medina - Museo Egizio di Torino
- Il villaggio di Deir el-Medina - Museo Egizio di Torino
- Lo scriba Butehamun - Museo Egizio di Torino
March 2020:
- Backhouse, Joanne: Figured ostraca from NK Egypt
February 2020:
- DeM Thesaurus
December 2019:
- Tattoos again
- Smelling vessels contents at Museo Egizio
November 2019:
- A donkey called Rameses
October 2019:
- Sennedjem moves
- TT1 in 3D on Osirisnet
May 2019:
- Hinson, B.: Coming of Age or an Age of Becoming? The Role of Childhood in Identity Formation at  Deir el-Medina, New Kingdom Egypt   (Doctoral thesis 2018)
March 2019:
- Life within the Five Walls : A Handbook on DeM by Benedict Davies is out
February 2019:
- A tatooed female mummy from DeM - Austin/Gobeil - free pdf on Academia as author's copy
January 2019:
- "Decoding signs of identity" book is out
October 2018:
- Program of the DeM workshop at Museo Egizio October 8-10
July 20018:
- Patricia Berg's Doctoral dissertation digitised & free to download
June 2018:
- IFAO's 3D model of  TT218-TT219-TT220
January 2018:
- DeM exhibition in Cairo
December 2017:
- Liverpool lecture
November 2017:
- DeM conference at Museo Egizio, Turin, December 18 2017
September 2017:
- Review of Mrs. Naunakhte
June 2017:
- Vignette on Khonsu's inner coffin lid 86.1.2a-DETAIL
May 2017:
Khonsu's anthropoid coffins Met 86.1.1–.2
March 2017:
- The evolving portrait of Deir el-Medina by Dr Cédric Gobeil
December 2016:
- Osteoarthritis at DeM
- New release - Mrs. Naunakhte & Family by Koenraad Donker van Heel
November 2016:
- Emoticons in Ancient Egypt
December 2015:
- 3D tour of Sennedjem's tomb
August 2015:
-New light on Kha & Merit
April 2015:
- Deir el-Medina Study Day
April 2014:
- Jane Akshar's recent visit to DeM
March 2014:
- Another tomb at DeM will open to the public
Summer 2013:
- The papers of Jac. J. Janssen in the Griffith Institute
Spring 2013:
- Sun dial from KV
- DeM wall painting at Penn Museum
February 2013:
- Stela of Hesysunebef at the Manchester Museum
November 2012:
- NK Solar eclipse events article Part 2